Toy Reviews

RID Optimus Prime & Bludgeon Battle Pack (Random Review)
Isn’t this a little much to beat one Minicon?
Combiner Wars Onslaught (Random Review)
What Marvel Legends review? No, you’re thinking of the red and purple one.
Plastic Addict 35 – Power Core Combiners
For the first time, the Addict tackles an entire toyline of fail! Are there bright spots in this wasteland of automorph drones and misshapen torsos?
Toycember 4: X-Plus Gigantic Megaman
Blind Box Blitz #3 w/ SPECIAL GUEST! (Random Review)
Gamera is really neat, Gamera is filled with meat, we’ve been buying Ga-Mer-A! With special guest, the former Apollo Z Hack, Matt Burkett of [...]
TJ Reviews – Kamen Rider Ghost DX Ghost Driver
New Rider, new henshin belt. Let’s see how a Kamen Rider who’s already dead stacks up.
Plastic Addict 34 – Prime Airachnid
And here I thought they would never be so bad again…