WTF@TFW #464 (Last Knight Goofs)

June 19, 2017 - Podcasts, WTF@TFW Podcast (Transformers)
WTF@TFW #464 (Last Knight Goofs)

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Aaron and TJ both had those kinda weeks, but Vangelus is here to brighten their Friday with a video news sandwich.

– Opening
– Intro
– Listener Question from Snowcat
– MP-10 Returns to North America, Now As MP-10
– Last Knight Stop-Motion Goofs
– Last Knight Behind-The-Scenes Goofs
– Listener Question from RequiemPrime
– Please Come To Hascon, Requests Transformers Team
– Listener Question from Rexidus
– What We Got This Week
– Ending and Outro

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