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It’s Christmastime on Eternia! Not really, they have no Christmas, but let’s pretend!

TJ TV Special – He-Man and She-Ra Christmas

Are we sure Michael Bay didn’t make this cartoon? This stinks of the man.

TJ TV 26 – G.I. Joe Extreme

The kid that used to be cool starts trying to act like the new cool kid and it’s as sad here as it was in grade school.

TJ TV 25 – Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation

An obscure masterpiece from the 90s that came 10 years too early.

TJ TV 24 – Cybersix

An Ultraman ripoff is reedited into a Power Ranger ripoff, and the results are surprising.

TJ TV 23 – Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad

And you thought Adventures was the worst Sonic cartoon.

TJ TV 22 – Sonic Underground

Two cartoons about orange housecats, only one can be superior.

TJ TV 21 – Garfield vs Heathcliff

The original, the best remembered… the best? Not really. There were some dark times… very dark.

TJ TV 20 – Transformers G1

Just like Transformers, GoBots did a whole movie just to introduce a new cast of toys. Except it’s GoBots so it didn’t go well.

TJ TV 19 – GoBots: Battle of the Rock Lords

He’s not ACTUALLY James Bond’s son. That becomes pretty evident.

TJ TV 18 – James Bond Jr.

Super fighting robot! The cartoon that divides a fandom, but it’s not like Mega Man fans aren’t used to suffering.

TJ TV 17 – Mega Man

Do ducks rock? Well these don’t use the knuckle puck so that tells you right there.

TJ TV 16 – The Mighty Ducks