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Slayers Abridged Ep. 1: Dimwits & Dragons
Slayers Abridged Ep. 1: Dimwits & Dragons

It’s Christmastime on Eternia! Not really, they have no Christmas, but let’s pretend!

TJ TV Special – He-Man and She-Ra Christmas
Plastic Addict 35 – Power Core Combiners
For the first time, the Addict tackles an entire toyline of fail! Are there bright spots in this wasteland of automorph drones and misshapen torsos?
Plastic Addict 34 – Prime Airachnid
And here I thought they would never be so bad again…

He’s not ACTUALLY James Bond’s son. That becomes pretty evident.

TJ TV 18 – James Bond Jr.

Super fighting robot! The cartoon that divides a fandom, but it’s not like Mega Man fans aren’t used to suffering.

TJ TV 17 – Mega Man

Do ducks rock? Well these don’t use the knuckle puck so that tells you right there.

TJ TV 16 – The Mighty Ducks

Happy Arbor Day! Today we’re looking at the only environment-based cartoon I had that wasn’t stupid obscure or overdone!

TV TV 15 – Toxic Crusaders

So what do you do when you want to make a Peter Pan cartoon without Disney knocking on the door? You make a more accurate one.

TJ TV 14 – Peter Pan and the Pirates

CGI cartoons in the 90s were hit and miss in quality. This one wasn’t even in the same firing range.

TJ TV 13 – Donkey Kong Country

A little pro wrestling, Mortal Kombat, and Power Rangers rolled into one, and over too soon.

TJ TV 12 – WMAC Masters

You think you know this cartoon? What if I told you it wasn’t the original show you watched?

TJ TV 11 – Double Dragon