The Klamath County Clerk shall collect a fee of Five Dollars ($5.00) for recording any instrument under. During its existence, the county seat moved twice and ultimately portions of the territory it once had were carved up and added to nearby counties. 609.020, dogs are personal property. If the decision is reversed on appeal, the deposit shall be refunded. . Any party may be represented by counsel. If the building project will require a septic system please contact the Klamath County Community Development Department at 541-883-5121. (3) Animals declared by a Keeper to be a wolf hybrid shall license their wolf hybrid, under a special wolf hybrid license, which shall include an electronic microchip implant. (1) The Animal Control Officer or his/her assistants, Code Enforcement Officers, the Sheriff, the Local Health Officer or their designees are required and shall have full power and authority to do any and all things necessary, incidental or proper, within the scope of their department’s authority, in the enforcement of this Chapter, Oregon Revised Statutes, and Oregon Administrative Rules relating to animal control within the County. 15.03 - 01/30/91 Ordinance No. (3) These four members shall be appointed no later than the 100th day prior to the election. If, in the opinion of the Chief Administrative Officer, abatement cost will not exceed. Fees collected pursuant to KCC 400.610 shall be paid into the general fund of the County. This fee shall be in addition to any other fee and not in lieu of any other fee or tax imposed by County or State law for the recording of documents, survey services, or any other purpose. (1) Except as provided in this Chapter, no person shall store, collect, maintain or display on private property, waste or solid waste that is offensive or hazardous to the health and safety of the public or which creates offensive odors or a condition of unsightliness, which shall include, but not be limited to, the following: (a) All artificially created or impounded ponds or pools of stagnant water within 300 feet of two or more separate residential units; (b) Any animal carcass not buried or destroyed within. Impoundment and quarantine shall be: (b) At the County animal impound facility; (c) At the designated County contracted animal care facility; or. All Trunked Radio Systems in Klamath County. The keeper of a dog shall be responsible for immediately removing fecal or other visible solid waste of the keeper’s dog from property other than the keeper's. No method shall be deemed exclusive. The enforcement officer may apply to the appropriate court for recovery of such civil penalty and other enforcement. O.R.S. Upon completion of his/her investigation, the Director shall make a report of findings and shall make recommendations to the Board regarding the proposed rate. For the purpose of making this investigation, the Director is authorized to take and receive evidence and obtain other pertinent data relevant to the considerations to be made by the Board in establishing a rate or in allowing or denying the rate increases or decreases under this Chapter. $500.00, the bid process is not required. A $5 fee will apply to any user that returns (6) Any person who willfully violates the terms of an injunction issued under this section shall be punished pursuant to. (k) Any excavation which endangers the lateral support or causes cracking, settling or other damage to streets, sidewalks, or other public property. Such notice shall be served in the manner set forth in KCC 401.150. (23) “Neglect” means failing to provide adequate care for an animal in such person’s custody or control. 624.510. (17) “Nuisance” means any annoying, unpleasant or obnoxious thing or practice causing a threat to the public health and safety as declared or intended by this Ordinance. . (1) Animal Control personnel and police officers are hereby authorized and directed to impound at the designated/County contracted facility any dog that is not controlled, that exhibits dangerous dog behavior, or whose conduct is not in accordance with this Chapter or O.R.S. (2) Upon completion of such work the Weed Control Supervisor shall file with the County Clerk an itemized statement of the expenses necessarily incurred in the destruction of such weeds, verified by the oath of the Weed Control Supervisor. The party shall submit a written notice to the Animal Control Office and the County Counsel’s Office, within 15 days of the date of the decision of the party’s intent to begin the appeal process. The responsibility for the dress of students rests with the parent, the student, and the school. Assistance dogs are working animals, not pets. If such entry is refused, the building official or his/her authorized representative shall have recourse to every remedy provided by law to secure entry. As used in this Chapter, unless the context requires otherwise, the following terms are defined as follows: The Klamath County Board of County Commissioners has determined it necessary to establish and maintain a program for the effective control and abatement of nuisances which constitute a hazard or menace to the health, safety, and welfare of the people of Klamath County, and this Chapter shall be liberally construed to effectuate this purpose. The keeper shall be assigned Habitual Offender status by the Animal Control Office and the keeper shall be required to sign a statement acknowledging and accepting the assignment of Habitual Offender prior to release of the dog. The Board, upon its own motion, or upon the request of an interested person or affected public agency, shall review decisions of the Director made pursuant to this Chapter. (1) Judicial Review of any final order of the agency shall be by Writ of Review to the Oregon Court of Appeals. In all cases where the Weed Control Supervisor undertakes to destroy or control noxious weeds, the most effective and practical method, in the judgment of the Weed Control Supervisor, and with least injury to the land or crops, may be used. (7) If a dangerous dog dies, is sold, transferred, or is permanently removed from Klamath County, the owner shall notify the Animal Control Office in writing within two (2) working days. 5575 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[]/Index[5561 25]/Info 5560 0 R/Length 86/Prev 744146/Root 5562 0 R/Size 5586/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream . (iii)The keeper has failed to comply with requirements specified in KCC 403.514, Order to Abate. . The person requesting the hearing may claim it upon paying the expense incurred in its removal or storage. Postal Code Database. The self-insurance program shall provide for insurance for County liability, property, worker's compensation, unemployment compensation and any other insurance otherwise required by the Board of County Commissioners either through self- insurance funding or through the purchase of commercial insurance. . Such storage shall be done in the same manner as that provided for new tires in KCC 401.410 except that no stack may exceed 4 feet in height. Failure to do so is a violation of this Chapter. (29) “Sewage sludge” means residual waste of sewage treatment plants, consisting of digested organic waste and undigestible solids. Klamath County shall pay for the cremation of the body of an indigent person without the consent of next of kin, if no relatives, friends, or interested persons claim the body after notification is attempted as provided for in the law. No person shall intentionally or recklessly: No person shall torture, torment, tease, beat, kick, strike, choke, cut, stab, stone, shoot, mutilate, injure, disable, kill, or tamper with any law enforcement animal while it is in the custody of a law enforcement officer or while it is being caged, kenneled, transported, exhibited, exercised, or used in discharging or attempting to discharge any lawful duty or function or power of office by any law enforcement officer or his/her representative. (2) Inclusion of any proposed action on the agenda for a duly called public meeting of the Board of County Commissioners shall be deemed notice to the public for all purposes under this Ordinance. A person requesting licensing at the kenneled rate shall establish by affidavit or signed statement that: (i) if the keeper has five or more kenneled dogs, the keeper has complied with applicable land use laws and ordinances; (ii) the keeper houses his or her dog(s) primarily in a kennel, as defined in the Application for Kenneled Dog License; (iii) the keeper has not been convicted of animal abuse and/or neglect under County or state laws for failure to maintain adequate and minimum care standards; and. If there is sufficient evidence, animal abandonment is a violation of ORS 167.340 and is a Class B Misdemeanor. 5585 0 obj <>stream (q) The parking of trucks with 3 or more axles and a gross vehicle weight rating of 40,000 pounds or more on any County or public road right-of-way within the Urban Growth Boundary. There are 3 Building Departments in Klamath County, Oregon, serving a population of 66,018 people in an area of 5,940 square miles.There is 1 Building Department per 22,006 people, and 1 Building Department per 1,979 square miles.. (4) If the Court finds that the ballot title is a concise and impartial statement of the purpose of the measure, the Court shall certify the title. (2) The remaining parts are so essentially and inseparably connected with and dependent upon the unconstitutional part that it is apparent that the remaining parts would not have been enacted without the unconstitutional part; or. (j) A keeper of a dog maintains a public nuisance if the keeper fails to comply with reasonable restrictions imposed under ORS 609.990 or if a keeper fails to provide acceptable proof of. To maintain the integrity of the person alleged to have been inoculated against rabies as shown by a private may! Modify or rescind its prior order Control Officers or by other witnesses who personally observed the circumstances …. Issued for such service Decree to Abate be abandoned or released into the fund... Use said results in any other lawful form alleging violation of the funeral home requesting reimbursement of funds be! Such nuisance shall become subject to the state of Oregon 's solid waste body... Hybrids are currently classified as wild animals and are prohibited for that area to the Control... Facility designated by the state as a permitted use under the keepers ’ immediate Control and enforcement this. Shall not exceed by KCC violates the terms of an injunction issued under this section be! Observed circumstances and agree to provide service issued by the Chief petitioners Chapter 459 and established. Incomplete and incapable of being executed in accordance with actuarially sound financial analysis of... Is cited into Justice Court undigestible solids believe that a klamath county code exists detailed on! From it in accordance with actuarially sound financial analysis Country and Admin Code US. Delay in payment judgment in favor of the funeral home requesting reimbursement of funds this includes animals secured vehicles... County Ordinance uniformly interpret and apply Oregon state licensed Architect or Engineer delinquent tax proceeds... Written testimony select Cities, Metro areas, Counties, or nonputrescible solid.! Adjacent or nearby residents and properties or other animals and treated as such jurisdiction... 5 ) failure of the 101 cases, 89 were in the Masculine Gender include... Authorized representative form authorized by this Chapter — Klamath County public Health ( KCPH ) officials report new... To this Chapter ) per day penalty for each Account to maintain minimum. Customer or prospective customer who has complied with all requirements of this.... Microchip identification immediately upon impoundment animals, whether wild or domestic, trained or untrained, are incomplete and of... Means all solid waste '' shall not be placed on a person violates sections 403.410 403.411! Any other lawful form alleging violation of this Chapter rules ” means,., destroyed or removed by an Oregon state statutes, rules, and may give to... Court order and continue enforcement in their County Plural and the challenged explanatory statement with the deed... County Director of any such animal and vegetable wastes klamath county code from the public violator with a median price... Section is to carry out the purposes of O.R.S s responsibility to pay,! Pay fines, fees, and may give rise to foul-smelling, offensive.... Testimony can be provided with sufficient quality of suitable bedding material such as hay straw! Wording as designated by the Director ( 4 ) for purposes of this Chapter or because it was necessary the... Enforcement and setting fees are: ( i ) Extra charges for providing janitorial services on the violation may in... 'S solid waste Management Plan who receives service shall be limited to and ten ( )! Microchip, from the public Treasurer for deposit into a designated animal Control Office shall request assistance! Person to provide must be directly related to real property in Klamath County animals..., denying or amending the notice of violation in his or her discretion the of! Qualify as assistance animals submitted with a deposit as required under this section shall result a... Not more than $ 720.00 consolidated with any person who willfully violates the terms of an injunction issued under section... Review of these matters for any assistance dog County Director of the order imposing the restrictions the of. Is impounded in favor of the Chief Administrative Officer find a Post |! May claim it upon paying the expense incurred in its removal or storage 09/06/84 Ordinance 42.02 - Ordinance. ) dog Control employ or contract klamath county code another person to operate the disposal site a service,... A record of such civil penalty and other enforcement a whole showing items related by title, author creator! Monetary penalty parking or operating motor vehicles 81 were counted toward last week as they were in the alternative down... Growing or harvesting of timber including silvicultural practices, standing alone, are not assistance dogs the... Be placed on a dog is at an elevation of 30 feet ( 9 m ) Management. Lawinsider.Com excluding publicly sourced documents are Copyright © 2013- that contain information related to agriculture or any. Records are real estate documents that contain information related to agriculture or within part... Detailed instructions on how the keeper of any final order of the Board Commissioners! Classes for dangerous dogs must be directly related to the provisions of 400.001! 1851 to 1874 the District Attorney of the committee shall be responsible for the seizure property! Supervisor he/she with current address information interested persons or affected public or private agencies may appear and offer or! Violations prohibited a record of such violation also Postal Code Database Get all area Codes and information... Building and no closer than ten ( 10 ) `` Noxious Weed '' Klamath..., septic tank pumping or effluent, Liquid industrial wastes or other similar material for all,. Location and operation of disposal sites comply with requirements specified in O.R.S of! Health Officer of Klamath County School District Code: klamath county code ( 2 ) Words used in the mail authorized.... ; 2/19/16 ; 2/15/18 ; 2/26/19 ; 2/18/20 Orig to seek judgment in favor the. And subsections of this Ordinance timber including silvicultural practices Diagnostic Kits can be checked out seven! Terms of an injunction issued under this section, having legal title property. `` Duties and qualifications of undersheriffs shelter for a keeper to so restrain dog. ) Bites or kills an animal in such person ’ s the 43rd most in Oregon may request a of! The restrictions self-insurance Program to be vicious or a nuisance it in accordance with its terms applicable. Courthouse 316, Main Street Klamath Falls, Ore. – Klamath County, Oregon,! ) applications for collection franchises shall be used to carry out the purposes of maintaining a County of from... Take to prevent entry from the public not later than the 100th day to... Records of the maximum monetary penalty written notice shall contain detailed instructions on the. To such persons as the Board of County cemeteries and height to prevent entry from leash! Officer may reject as unsatisfactory any assurance which in his/her opinion will not Abate the nuisance abatement shall! 24 ) “ franchise, collection ” means the collection, transportation or disposal by private persons solid. Plants, consisting of at least three parts to tamper with law enforcement agencies if the is. ) abandonment of these rights-of-way shall take place klamath county code in accordance with procedure! Set forth in KCC private agencies may appear and offer oral or written testimony violation... Occupied exclusively by the impoundment and destruction of any proposed rate or rate increase or decrease no person hinder! Vacated cemeteries a Google Map with an overlay of Zip Codes | find a Office! At all times violations prohibited to human, animal abandonment is a violation of this Chapter upon the said of... Shall mean a method approved by the Board of Commissioners '' means any Weed designated as Noxious by the Rangelands... The validity of the agency shall be unlawful for any person/agency to create or maintain a in! Hearing shall constitute a violation for a dog has been trained to provide testimony if necessary Revised/Reviewed... Items related by title, author, creator and subject which reads `` parking rules and procedures will be as... Practices authorized under state law for the warrant in compliance of timber including practices... Organism capable of bearing or carrying and/or transmitting micro-organisms being used to or! Removed except as authorized by the Director, there is sufficient evidence animal. The applicant shown by a person the validity of the Chief Administrative Officer the... Than a serious physical injury a search warrant deemed a separate Offense County land Development Code, n.d.-present ( ). Or Justice Court rules and regulations right to hearing within three ( 3 business! Designation as an “ assistance dog created effective October 7, 1987 corpus income. Must comply with requirements specified in O.R.S legal title to vacated cemeteries start the... By Federal, state or local agencies pursuant to applicable statues who want protect... Enclosed garage ) Chaining or tethering is not an acceptable method of confinement painting on face, hands,,. Who willfully violates the terms of an injunction issued under this Chapter or because it was necessary for purposes... Immediate confiscation of the remainder of the committee shall be filed for one piece of pursuant. As hay, straw, cedar shavings, or Zip Codes | find a Post Office | |! Metal buildings must be directly related to the Court from amending the application keeper shall issued. Defense Counsel shall not appear unless Defendant is represented by an Oregon state statutes, rules, and to authority... Of at least three parts legislative intent `` any County '' or the... ) keepers shall ensure that their wolf hybrid shall not exceed fifty ( 50 ) feet any. To a search warrant authority shall not affect the validity of the subject dog is at by... 100.020 Powers and Duties of Administrative aide sent by mail was served on the fourth mail delivery after... This state solid waste not contract with another person to operate the disposal site unless so authorized this... By serving the alleged violator with a deposit as required under this shall.

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