For a false condition, our app runs the code below else.A cascaded if statement expands on this behaviour, and evaluates a series of conditions and then executes code for the one that's true. It's all down to personal preference, although you can easily persuade folks to argue about which is best. if condition returns True then true-expr is assigned to value object 34. The most common usage is to make a terse simple conditional assignment statement. Personally, I'll often use single-line if without brackets, like this: if (lemons) document.write ("foo gave me a bar"); If I need to add more statements in, I'll put the statements on the next line and add brackets. Single line If Statement Python: If there is only one statement to execute, one for if, and one for else, we can put it all on the same line: a=4 b=5 print("a is greater than b") if a>b else print("b is greater than a") Logical Operators: AND and OR. Degree in Computer Science and Engineer: App Developer and has multiple Programming languages experience. You can use the single-line form (first syntax) for short, simple tests. This article includes several examples that illustrate uses of the If...Then...Else statement: 1. The order of execution would be: The multi-line form of the code would be: Output(when if condition is False and elif condition is True), Output(when both if and elif condition are False). The and and or keywords are logical operators. To write complete if else statement in a single line, follow the syntax that is already mentioned with the below mentioned edits : End the statements in if and else blocks with a semi-colon (;). Here we will concentrate on learning python if else in one line using ternary operator. Only use single-line if statements on a single line. In this sample script we collect an integer value from end user and store it in "b". Yes, you can write most if statements in a single line of Python using any of the following methods: Write the if statement without else branch as a Python one-liner: if 42 in range(100): print("42"). : is called a ternary operator and acts just like an if / else when used in an expression Examples of the single line if statement JavaScript Ternary operator (Conditional operator) Sample Code