The selection criteria is based on whether the applicant is taking “the most challenging courses within their school” and their performance compared to other students from the same school, and not on the number of AP courses they have taken. Sometimes, this quality — or the “missing piece” in the students’ and parents’ understanding of admissions — even outweighs academic performances in the evaluation process. “One of the things that drives us crazy is when we hear from students who [have] been admitted to another Ivy say, ‘I just don’t get it, if I’m good enough to go there, why am I not good enough to go to Cornell?” Locke said. Click here for the article. If these qualities resonate with you, consider joining our diverse community of passionate students and faculty. But not by much. If you have further questions about the wait list, please contact the appropriate undergraduate college admissions office at Cornell. By the official May 1 commitment day, Cornell received acceptances from 3,344 first-year students, a number that is “higher than our target,” Burdick said. Tan also said that coming from a farm is “absolutely” an advantage in CALS admissions. However, once international students are considered for admission, they will have a higher chance of receiving acceptance letters if they didn’t apply for financial aid. This means that for every 100 students who applied, 10 students were admitted, making Cornell’s admissions process highly competitive. During the 2018-19 admissions cycle, Cornell University had an acceptance rate of 10.9%. Anne Snabes is a member of the Class of 2019 in the College of Arts and Sciences. Posted by 2 years ago. Help keep us reporting with a tax-deductible donation to the Cornell Daily Sun Alumni Association, a non-profit dedicated to aiding The Sun. She is a senior writer for the news department, and served as an Assistant News Editor on the 136th Board. That means that, although elite schools have grown more selective, students also have more options when acceptance letters start coming in, which makes it harder for schools to correctly estimate their yield rate (paywall), or the numb… “It could be ‘you know what, I go to a school where I have to commute by bus or subway for two hours everyday,’ or things like overcoming health issues, different family situation, being in a small community,” Tan said. Another important and yet often overlooked factor is the college-specific essay, more commonly known as the “why” essay, which is reviewed in both the first and the subsequent steps of admissions. Early decision applicants totaled 6,615, resulting in an admisison rate of 23.8 percent. Correction: A previous version of this article stated that Cornell intends to increase the size of the incoming freshman class by 900. document.write('<\/scr'+'ipt>'); About 80 percent, or over 40,000 of the applicants, will be chosen to proceed to the next step. We are an independent, student newspaper. The Cornell SC Johnson College of Business is pleased to offer transfer options (TOs) to a select number of first-year applicants. Most of them are rejected, he said, and a large portion of those admitted are selected through Early Decision, which he described as the result of a mutual commitment relationship. In 2019, 3,218 students entered the Class of 2023 out of 49,114 applicants and 5,330 offers of admission. Accepted off Waitlist: Pitt vs. Cornell. Overall, those seeking to join the 2018-19 freshman class were accepted at an almost identical 12.8% rate and yet none of the 836 hopefuls were plucked off of the waitlist. As students scramble for a spot in the Class of 2023, The Sun sat down with two admissions officers in charge of the process — Jason C. Locke, interim vice provost for enrollment, and Pamela Tan ’97, director of admissions of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences — to delve into how Cornell evaluates and selects its students. Click Continue Reading for the list. Although the top tier universities have not yet seen a significant change in this particular student population, Locke said that the overall number of international students in the United States is dropping and that the University “continues to be concerned” that current U.S. immigration policies can “turn [international] students off” from applying and coming to Cornell. “As you sit in classrooms, you are probably getting an education that’s very different [from] a student going to a liberal arts college, because you’re hearing opinions and thinkings of students from architecture, from engineering, from the hotel school. Nearly 55 percent of this year’s admitted students are “students of color” — underrepresented minorities or Asian Americans — a new record for Cornell. “If you’re applying to biological engineering, then you need to have very robust … coursework in math and science,” Tan said. This post originally published in 2018 and has been updated. Back then, some asserted that Ivy Coach’s crystal ball forecast that Class of 2025 Early Decision / Early Action applications to our nation’s elite universities would surge, admit rates would plummet, and the schools would … Read More Just 1,962 of 42,749 applicants were admitted. The acceptance rate jumped 8% between the Class of 2023 and Class of 2024. “Research that’s done nationally shows that students who are engaged outside of the classroom are usually students that are more successful,” he said. At Middlebury, however, the waitlist chances were much higher, with just over 1,500 students waitlisted, 584 accepting a spot, and 111 admitted off the waitlist. As health concerns and financial burdens reach record highs, high school seniors across the country are reconsidering how they want to spend the next four years. More than 25% of applicants were students of color; 38% of those admitted identify as such. Cornell saw an increase in applicants and a decrease in acceptance rate for the Class of 2024. Cornell accepted 1,576 applicants to the Class of 2024 under early decision. The Cornell Daily Sun “Even if you are an outstanding student who’s a great fit for Cornell and have wonderful extracurricular activities …, Locke and Tan said they are looking for students who can make the most out of the “any person …, Cornell Class of 2023 Sees Increased Diversity Rate in Admitted Students, Higher Acceptance Rate, Cornell’s Class of 2020 Chosen From Record Number of Applicants. The acceptance yield of the school in a given year drives the waitlist acceptance rate. As usual, the admissions office expects some admitted students will change their plans over the summer, Burdick said, requiring the University to revisit the waitlist to fill up spots. The overall acceptance rate for Brown this year thus stands at 8.5%, the lowest in its history. The class saw an acceptance rate of approximately 10.9 percent and a yield rate of 60.2 percent.” Have a question about Cornell’s waitlist? According to the Higher Education Research Institute (pdf), 36% of first-time freshmen applied to seven or more colleges during the fall 2015 admission cycle—up from 17% in the fall of 2005. More than 51,000 students sought a place in the Class of 2022. “Otherwise, you won’t be able to handle the work here.”. Yield rate is the percentage of students who choose to enroll in a particular program after being offered admission. 19. “Even if you are an outstanding student who’s a great fit for Cornell and have wonderful extracurricular activities …  there’s not much I can say about you.”. ( Click Continue Reading for the list. Waitlist Admission Rates (2014-15) and Notification Dates Cornell’s admissions rate rose slightly from 10.3 percent to 10.6 percent last year, as the University both received fewer applications and accepted fewer students than previous year. The University received 49,118 applications this admissions cycle — 2,210 fewer than last year’s — and accepted 105 fewer students this year, according to a University press release. Those admitted are estimated to comprise 49 percent of the Class of 2024. In the Early Decision round, 3,043 students applied for admission and 610 earned acceptance letters. You can also sort the table by LSAT, GPA, Status and important dates relevant to Cornell Law School. In May, Cornell announced that the latest Class of 2022 is the “most diverse … in university history.” Among the 5,288 applicants accepted, 33 percent self-identify as underrepresented minorities; meanwhile, students of color make up 54 percent of the student body. Hi all, I had the incredible luck of being accepted off of Cornell’s waitlist last night and now at completely torn as to what to do. Cornell has been working to increase the diversity of each class, Locke and Tan said. Cornell announced in March that it would no longer release admissions data after regular decision acceptances to reduce “metric mania,” becoming the only Ivy League college to do so. Five of the seven undergraduate colleges also invite faculty members to be part of the process, who will either work as part of an advisory committee or be the expert voice on evaluating students’ portfolios, which is required for certain majors and schools. Class of 2022 Waitlist Notification Dates and 2017 Statistics She was the Assistant Managing Editor on the 137th Editorial Board and an Assistant News Editor on the 136th Editorial Board. The third round of MBA applications is notorious for having a lower acceptance rate. Tan said that when the contract colleges look at two applicants who are both “great,” the one from New York “might get another look.”. The following is a list of applications to Cornell Law School.Use it to compare your profile to others by checking on individual user names. She explained that the number of students that admission officers see coming from production and agriculture backgrounds is “dwindling,” so they will “take a close look” at those applicants. Due to first-year enrollment restrictions and the depth of the applicant group, we are unable to offer admission to many applicants who have shown outstanding academic potential and passion for our programs. Last year (class of 2023), Stanford waitlisted 750 students, with 580 accepting a spot on the waitlist, and just 8 gaining admission from the waitlist. You will be emboldened to break the rules of conventional thought—to think independently and explore new ways to improve the quality of life on our planet. Admission officers also look for other qualities that would contribute to the Cornell community, such as persistence and community ties. With enrollment marked by uncertainty, Burdick told The Sun in March that the admissions office invited more students to the waitlist this year than in 2019. With a total record breaking 44,966 applications, Cornell University sent out acceptance letters to 6,337 in both the Early Decision and Regular Decision rounds. Harvard Business School is a prime example of a high yield rate (91% in 2017). While Cornell doesn’t expect “a long list of activities,” admissions staff hope to discover these values from the essay and extracurricular activities. Cornell University. “Since the university has a limited financial aid budget, we then must determine who among this admissible group we are able to grant the financial aid,” Locke wrote in a response to The Sun prior to the interview. College of Agriculture and Life Sciences 607.255.2036 The waitlist. The Wall Street Journal even nicely pointed out that at Cornell University, not one of 2,998 students offered a spot on last year’s waitlist was admitted. OX_ads.push({ "auid" : "538220187" }); Only after the applicant has successfully passed the academic review, the admissions staff will consider other components of his or her application — such as recommendation letters and extracurricular activities, Tan said. Class of 2023 Waitlist Notification Dates and 2018 Statistics About 60 students accepted to the arts and agriculture colleges participate in the First-Year Spring Admissions program each year since the program’s launch in 2015. Students admitted to the Class of 2020 represent the evolution of Cornell’s demographics, as 1,718 students — or 27 percent of the admitted freshman class — self-identify as minorities. In an admissions cycle where we saw ridiculous falls in acceptance rates, Cornell University actually saw a rise for the first time in four years during 2019, admitting 10.6% of its applicants.While Cornell was the only Ivy League school this year with an acceptance rate in double digits, it was also the Ivy which received the most applications, with 49,118 students competing for spots. if (!window.OX_ads) { OX_ads = []; } Every spring seems to bring with it a new record-breaking number of college applicants. Cornell's colleges and schools encompass more than 100 fields of study, with locations in Ithaca, New York, New York City and Doha, Qatar. Legacy students made up 22.1 percent of early admits and athletes made up 12.1 percent. Some identities, such as being a New York State resident or legacy student, might increase a student’s chance in getting in, while being an international student means the applicant should really think it through before applying for financial aid, as “the offer of admission for international students is directly linked to the ability to meet expenses.”, In the three contract colleges at Cornell — CALS, Human Ecology and the ILR School — which are partially funded by New York State, being an in-state resident can give the applicant an extra edge. Cornell accepted 10.3 percent out of 51,328 applicants for the incoming Class of 2022, breaking the all-time record for lowest admission rate and highest number of applicants. Close. Unlike many other colleges, which review all applications from a central undergraduate admissions office, Cornell has a “somewhat unique system,” according to Locke. The class saw an acceptance rate of approximately 10.9 percent and a yield rate of 60.2 percent. In addition to providing the average acceptance rate from 2012 to 2017, I also included the lowest year and highest year during that period. For legacy students — who bear a controversial identity in admissions — the admissions process is the same although they are given “some preference … with all other things equal,” Locke said. Just 5,288 of 51,328 applicants were admitted, and 6,684 were waitlisted. Cornell University is a private research university that provides an exceptional education for undergraduates and graduate and professional students. Finally, to all those waitlisted candidates out there, take heart. The essay is the opportunity for students to demonstrate both their writing skills and that they have taken the time to research and learn about Cornell — that the individual “really understands what his or her opportunities are here,” according to Tan. She is an Assistant News Editor on the 138th Editorial Board and can be reached at Cornell’s Class of 2023 acceptance rate, at 10.6 percent, is three-tenths of a percentage point higher than last year’s. However, besides these few potential admits, Burdick said Cornell has no plans to admit more students at this time. Although typically in-person, “Black Life on the Hill” turned out to be an “amazing success” virtually, joining students both new and returning together to learn about campus organizations. “We’ve seen students who think they are just gonna come here and study, and we don’t know if that’s a good thing.”, Beyond the Application: Who You Are Also Matters. ( CLASS OF 2021 ADMISSIONS STATISTICS OVERVIEW Early Decision Regular Decision Total Applicants 5,401 41,638 47,039 Admits 1,393 4,569 5,962 Enrolling 1,351 2,024 3,375 WAITLIST Number of qualified applicants offered a place on the waitlist 5,714 Number accepting a place on the waitlist … RECENT WAITLIST STATS FOR THE CLASS OF 2022. Locke admitted during the interview that admissions is a “highly difficult process and very subjective,” acknowledging that it is a multi-step process where multiple individuals evaluate each applicant. There are several factors driving the low rates, including the size of the waitlist (often very large), and how well a school anticipates its admissions yield. In colleges like CALS, where students must pick a major or at least specify a general subject in their applications, admission officers will also take into consideration whether the students have taken and performed well in classes relevant to their intended major. And that really is part of the process — would the student really thrive in a place like Cornell?”. This resulted in an overall admit rate for Cornell University of 14.1%. The TO is […] It’s the fate that awaits hundreds of thousands of high school seniors this week as they open college admissions letters. The number of applicants to Cornell has increased by 55.2 percent over the past decade while the acceptance rate dropped by half over the same period of time, with the latest acceptance rate closing in on 10 percent. Accepted off Waitlist: Pitt vs. Cornell. She can be reached at As that number goes up, the overall admit rate goes down, this year to an all-time low of 10.3 percent of the applicant pool. “We have so many students from different majors, coming together in different classes and learning from each other,” Locke continued. Meghana Srivastava is a member of the Class of 2023 in the College of Arts and Sciences. She is an Assistant News Editor on the 138th Editorial Board and can be reached at For the third consecutive year, Cornell has posted a record-high number of applications for admission. Plus, check out the 25 best value colleges. Cornell offered admission to students from the waitlist before the May 1 commitment day this year to bolster student enrollment numbers. Those who make it to the next step are not the ones “that have E’s and F’s on their transcript,” Tan said. Once a student passes the first review, their material is taken to the next step, in which Cornell’s admissions staff will start looking at whether the student will be a good fit for Cornell and their intended programs — not just whether they are prepared for the rigorous curriculum, but also if they have certain traits and qualities that will allow them to make the most of Cornell.