Although the country’s footprint is small, and with a population of approximately 2 million people, it represents a good destination for retail and service oriented businesses. BizConnect. Fiduciary. The Internet, connectivity and increasing numbers of crowdsourced logistics marketplaces are forcing CEOs to ask a critical question: Have the days of long-term logistics contracts come to an end? Malawi is fast-becoming a preferred destination for SMMEs that are looking to improve access to African markets. Moreover, tourism is expected to benefit from a weaker exchange rate, an investment loan from the World Bank, and new airport and tourist facilities. Investments. Wealth. ~All fields are required~ I am an existing Standard Bank Business Banking Customer. |, 2 views | The Republic of Uganda is a landlocked country in East Africa and is the world's second-most populous landlocked country after Ethiopia. Located in East Africa, the United Republic of Tanzania shares borders with Kenya and Uganda in the north, Rwanda, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo in the west, and Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique in the south. But, are local companies ready for Industry 4.0? Developed specifically to support entrepreneurs and small and medium-enterprise owners in South Africa, BizConnect gives Corporate and Institutions. Tradeclub. Real Estate The country’s economic prospects are positive, with strong foreign investor participation, adequate foreign exchange reserves and relatively low political risk. BOPCUS v3 introduces previously deferred payments (resident to non-resident domiciled accounts in rand) and places inter-bank and CMA transactions on the radar as well. This dominance of oil production and its supporting activities means the country’s industrial sector contributes substantially to its gross domestic product (GDP); estimated at 46.2% in 2015. As Angola is the second-largest oil producer in Africa, after Nigeria, its economy is driven by investment in the oil sector. |, 32 views |, 14 views Identification documents of owners & signatories; Proof of address not older than 3 months BizConnect. Angola boasts a solid relationship with China, which offers diplomatic backing for the state. Although the country’s footprint is small, and with a population of approximately 2 million people, it represents a good destination for retail and service oriented businesses. Despite its landlocked positioning, if your business is looking for a cost-effective port of call that feeds into Africa, Malawi is the destination for you. Is your business plan missing this vital ingredient? Simon Campbell-Young , Insurance. The real challenges you face as an SME in SA, 3 TED Talks that could inspire unique ways to grow businesses, The business benefits of entering your company for awards, How teenpreneur Rabia Ghoor founded a successful business at the age of 14. Please note that each programme has their own assessment criteria and completing this form does not guarantee you a seat on any of the programmes. Download now. But a career at Standard Bank is … Insurance. 28 June 2018, Bill Kerr, Farmer's Weekly , The BizConnect free eBook provides you with actionable business advice from successful entrepreneurs and Standard Bank experts on what you need to start your business and how to … |, 16 views To download the eBook please register for our Newsletter, for this and many other insightful information for your business. Trends and insights on what’s happening in the Construction sector. Best Bank for Liquidity Management - Africa Global Finance World’s Best Treasury & Cash Management Providers 2018 Best Treasury & Cash Management Provider - Angola General Enquiries Local 0860 123 007 International +27 0 10 249 0043 Report Fraud Local 0800 222 050 Get to know us BizConnect. In an effort to boost its population’s literacy and employability, the government is focusing on its youth, providing free primary schooling and bursaries for orphaned and abandoned children. 24 June 2018, Diana Albertyn, Entrepreneur , |, 74 views 26 Sep 2014, 18 views Fiduciary. Why and how to become an innovator in the transport sector, What does the future of transport and logistics look like, South African manufacturing insiders share insights on Industry 4.0, The changing world of manufacturing and how to adapt to it, Building business networks across SA’s manufacturing industry, How retailers can use AI influencers as a marketing tactic, Why retailers are an attractive target for hackers, How to make technology in retail work to your advantage, Why construction firms need to leverage the potential of technology, An ongoing debate: Labour in the construction sector, Why it’s necessary to start future-proofing buildings today, Industry 4.0 Challenge 10-13 September 2018. Insurance.